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Obesity, diabetes and other related conditions are on the rise. And for the first time in over half a century, life expectancy in Australia has declined over the last two years. A rebound in cardiac and vascular disease is responsible for this decline, making this area an urgent priority.

We must redouble our efforts to prevent and treat this group of diseases – locally, nationally and globally.

We will look at populations with a large burden of cardiac and vascular disease, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, those from culturally diverse backgrounds, and those from disadvantaged areas.

Our approach will be inclusive, engaging all Maridulu Budyari Gumal partners, consumers, community representatives and industry partners. It’s important that each of these groups are involved in all research, translation, education and advocacy in relation to reducing the burden of disease.


If you would like to become involved with the Cardiac and Vascular Health CAG, contact Dr Karen Kool, Executive Officer.